TM5960 Touchpad

Our TM5960 is designed for use as an embedded SPI® input device. Its dimensions are larger than the industry standard for the notebook computer pointing devices, making it ideal for integration into a wide variety of products. We also offer custom overlays to match your design requirements.

The TM5960 offers “idle mode” and “sleep mode” to improve power efficiency for touch applications.


  • Wireless products
  • Keypads
  • Mouse alternatives
  • Industrial control panels
  • Medical instruments
  • PC peripherals
  • Point-of-sale devices


  • Lareger than notebook computer industry-standard
  • SPI (10-pin FFC connector) compatibility
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy product integration due to thin, lightweight design
  • No maintenance required – Sealable design is immune to dust and abuse
  • Superior navigation and high responsiveness

Power efficiency of any application is improved with an "idle mode," where the touchpad’s current draw is reduced when a finger is not touching its surface.

For custom functionality at the product design stage, we offer software that allows OEMs to enable, disable or personalize advanced settings and/or reprogram the touch sensitive area.

TM5960 - Touchpad component side TM5960 - Touchpad sensor side

Interface SPI with 10-pin FFC connector
Button Support Three (3) mechanical buttons
Sensor Overlay Multiple touchpad overlays available
Physical Parameters Length: 79.70 mm
Width: 47.70 mm
Thickness: 4.70 mm with all components
Weight: < 14 g
Active Sensing Area 76.70 x 44.70 mm
Voltage 3v +/- 15% (5v +/- 10% optional)
Current 4.0 mA (active)
2.7 mA (idle)
60-200 uA (sleep)
1 uA (75 uA for 5V option) (shutdown)
Operating Temperature -40 to 85° Celsius
Operating Humidity 5% to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Storage Temperature -55 to 150° Celsius
ESD 15kV when properly mounted in bezel
Environmental EMI tolerant and manufactured RoHS compliant

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